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Some of the testimonials received from those I've worked with. My gratitude goes out to everyone below for all of the kind words.

Scott L. Marsh

Onix Creative

Naomi Chanelle

Doctor, Speaker and Coach

Corrado Milano

CEO, Fintech

Peter Wilson

IT Professional & Business Owner

Lisa McLaugh


Testimonial Author 1

Tomi coachként végig aktívan jelen van, kísér, figyel. Gyorsan bizalmat teremt, amitől úgy érzem, jó kezekben vagyok. Kérdései gondolkodásra, munkára késztetnek, a megoldás irányába terelnek

Testimonial Author 2

Tamás azt a közeget teremti meg beszélgetés közben, amiben csukott szemmel is hátradőlhetünk, tudva, hogy biztos támasz van a hátunk mögött. Igazi tenni akarással figyel és segít beindítani a motort, mert pont azokat a kérdéseket fogja feltenni, amiket már jó ideje fel kellene tenni magunknak.

Testimonial Author 5

A mai napig bennem él, ahogy Tamás tavaly a Spar előtt rendbe tette a fejemet, neki köszönhetően nem léptem vissza a nevezéstől és befutottam a célba!

Testimonial Author 4

Paul has keen insights in human personalities and business complexities, positioning his beautifully to coach both tactical and strategic individuals through professional and even sometimes personal challenges.

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Testimonial Author 5

A mai napig bennem él, ahogy Tamás tavaly a Spar előtt rendbe tetted a fejemet és neki köszönhetően nem léptem vissza a nevezéstől, és befutottam a célba!

Tündi, Tündi
Testimonial Author 6

Paul helped me recently when I was down about losing my job due to a layoff. He helped me gain clarity with this and gave me the strength to move on and expand my career in other ways. In our sessions together, he helped me realize that things were going to be just fine as long as I had the mental, emotional and spiritual clarity of the situation. We talked about the highs and lows of a new job that I was offered from many perspectives. Now I am glad to say that I am in a new position and that Paul helped me stick to my guns to get this job, as well as to better myself in the process.

Eric O., Business Development Manager, Melbourne

I don't think I would have even considered a Life Coach if Paul Smart didn't exist – not afraid to use the occasional expletive and often extremely funny, he doesn't mince his words – but he's also completely professional and hugely helpful when it comes to clarifying your values and goals. After just a couple of sessions Paul helped me get the clarity and courage to completely change my approach to my career, and I've made more progress in the six months since than I did in the six years previously. Asking for Paul's help is one of the best things I've ever done for myself and if you're feeling stuck I'd thoroughly recommend you do the same.

Jason Bannister, Onix Creative, Founder

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